During the events of Paper Mario, Shy Stacks are the third part of General Guy's army in Shy Guy's Toy Box. They consist of four Shy Guys standing on top of each other. The Spin Smash Badge can be used to knock them off. It is not advised that you jump on them repeatedly, because jumping does practically nothing at all to the enemy. Use Kooper and either a Quake Badge (like Power Quake) or Spin Smash. Treat them exactly as if they were the Koopa Bros. in stacking formation. It is recommended that you take them out quickly.

Shy Guys
Characters: General Guy | Anti Guy

Types: Shy Guy | Spy Guy | Pyro Guy | Medi Guy | Gourmet Guy | Groove Guy | Sky Guy | Spear Guy | Stilt Guy | Sombrero Guy | Shyster | Shyper

Groups: Shy Squad | Shy Stack

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