Sky Guys are ordinary Shy Guys that have 3 balloons to help them float above the ground. They are only found in Shy Guy's Toy Box in Paper Mario. They are very similar to Paragoombas and Paratroopas, in that they are flying versions of normal, ground-dwelling enemies, but they are different in that they use balloons to achieve this instead of wings. Their weapon of choice is a slingshot. Out in the overworld, they will use their slingshot to strike the player from afar, giving them an advantage by getting a First Strike. In battle, they use their slingshots to attack just like they do in the overworld. The player can optionally pop their balloons by attacking it, thus making them become regular "Shy Guys", or they can kill them off as "Sky Guys". They also float like the annoying enemy Medi Guy which are also Shy Guys. They are not much trouble if you take them out first because of their low power.

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