Smack is Bow's starter move in Paper Mario. To do the Action Command, one must repeatedly tilt the Control Stick left. The attack power is based on how many times it is tilted left. The attack will not work if the Action Command is not done, or if the enemy has a high enough defense. Smack is the best non FP move in the game. For enemies that don't have defense this will be your go to move if you don't want to waste FP on other attacks. Enemies with high defenses that have weak spots when flipped over with the aid of Mario can work too. This can basically helo in loads of situations and is a total boss breaker. As it does a lot of damage to bosses (excluding Crystal King and Bowser) this can be a lot of player's go to move. The big weakness to it is it has no effect to any enemy with some sort of armor or plus 1 defense. But these enemies are rare to occur. This really only comes into play at Crystal King or Bowser which doesn't bring down the move's over all use.

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