Spear Guys are Shy Guys with spears. They are the only type of Shy Guys in Paper Mario that are seen outside of Shy Guy's Toy Box. They indicate with their spears which command the player should not use against them. Spear Guys may hold their weapon facing up or towards the player, meaning they must frequently change their battle strategies. However, if the player has the Spike Shield Badge equipped, they can perform the jump command on Spear Guys at any time. Spear Guys can also attack by throwing their spears at the player. If they do so, they will afterwards reveal their true identity by becoming a regular Shy Guy. They can also call for reinforcements when needed. They reappear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star as enemies in Worlds 5-1 through 5-4, in Shy Guy Jungle.

History Edit

Paper Mario Edit

Spear Guys returned in Paper Mario as enemies on Lavalava Island. They can only be found in Jade Jungle, near Yoshi's Village. These Spear Guys lack feathers and shields, and have a different spear, but serve the same purpose as their predecessors and act in much the same way.

When Mario first enters the jungle, he comes upon several Spear Guys attacking Kolorado. Mario must then save the adventurer in a short battle.

Mario cannot Jump on these Spear Guys when they hold their spear vertically, or use his Hammer while their spear faces him. They sometimes switch the position of their spear, indicating which attack they will do next and forcing Mario to change his battle strategy.

They may either poke Mario with their spears, or throw them at him. After throwing them, they become normal Shy Guys and continue the remainder of the battle as a Shy Guy would. Spear Guys may also dance to get another Spear Guy in the battle.

If a Spear Guy spots Mario outside battle, it will try to poke Mario with its Spear to make the First Strike.

Super Paper Mario Edit

Spear Guys along with Shy Guys, Stilt Guys, and Fly Guys were originally going to appear in Super Paper Mario, but were taken out for unknown reasons.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

Spear Guys make a major appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, alongside Shy Guys, Clip Guys, Mariachi Guys, and Snifits. They look similar to their appearance from the original Paper Mario, but lost their mask's face paint. Here, they show up in World 5, as common enemies. When the battle starts, a Spear Guy will flip his spear and either hold it vertically or horizontally. If held vertically, Mario cannot perform jumps on the Spear Guy, and if held horizontally, Mario cannot use his Hammer on the enemy. The attacks of Spear Guys are determined by the position in which they hold their spear. If held vertically, the Spear Guy will chuck their spear at Mario. If the spear is held horizontally, the Spear Guy will go in front of Mario and stab him with the weapon. The Spear Guys are still vulnerable to projectiles. Unlike in Paper Mario, if a Spear Guy throws his spear at Mario, it won't become a regular Shy Guy. Spear Guys can assist Piranha Plants, Hammer Bros., and Boomerang Bros.

During Shy Guy Jungle, three Spear Guys take a part of the bridge leading to the Comet Piece and run away. Mario must defeat these Spear Guys in order to progress. During Jungle Rapids, Spear Guys chuck spears at Mario while he rides the raft. They also swing on vines and throw barrels at Mario. At the end of the level, several Spear Guys are seen performing tribal dances around pieces of the Sticker Comet. Two Spear Guys are the final enemies seen harassing the Traveling Toad as well.


  • Spear Guys (along with Shy Guys and Fly Guys) can be found in Super Paper Mario's coding, meaning they were going to appear as some sort of enemies encountered in the game, but were removed for unknown reasons.
  • Their spear is really powerful and annoying, so you should take them out quickly.
  • They do not live in Shy Guy's Toy Box because they are native islanders and don't like anywhere else.



Spear Guys before they came into Paper Mario

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