Spy Guys are enemies in Paper Mario. They are military-style Shy Guys wearing camouflage. They attack with a slingshot and a Hammer. They change their weapons after they are attacked. When Mario is hit with the hammer, he loses one of his commands for a few turns. They don't hide very well, considering there aren't any plants in Shy Guy's Toy Box. They can be very annoying because they change weapons so often. Some say these are the Most Annoying Shy Guys.

Tattle: This is a Spy Guy. Spy Guys look like they're ready for war in their spiffy camouflage gear! Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0 They change their weapons each time they're attacked. You'd best try to avoid their hammer attack! Every time you're hit by it, you'll lose one of your commands! "Oh no I can't jump!" -Paper Mario.

Shy Guys
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