Stickers are usable items that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Stickers works like the Action Commands of the previous games, the player can hold a certain number of stickers and there two types: Attack and Item. Items can be to heal yourself or damage enemies.

List of StickersEdit

Jump Sticker LineEdit

Iron Jump Sticker Line Edit

Hopslipper Sticker Line

Line Jump Sticker Line Edit

Clone Jump Sticker Line Edit

Infinijump Sticker Line Edit

Hammer Sticker Line Edit

Slaphammer Sticker Line Edit

Eekhammer Sticker Line Edit

Hurlhammer Sticker Line Edit

Baahammer Sticker Line Edit

Burnhammer Sticker Line Edit

Chillhammer Sticker Line Edit

Defensive StickersEdit

Fire Flower Stickers Edit

Ice Flower Stickers Edit

POW Block Stickers Edit

Shell Stickers Edit

Mushroom Stickers Edit

1UP Stickers

Special Effect Stickers Edit

Enemy Drop Stickers Edit

Sandal Stickers Edit

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