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Stickersmario This page is about the Sticker Project. If you're a member of the project, please add information to this page.

Stickers appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Stickers works like the Action Commands of the previous games, the player can hold a certain number of stickers and there two types: Attack and Item. Items can be to heal or damage enemies.

List of StickersEdit


  • Jump
    • Power Bounce
    • Multibounce
    • Line Jump
    • Shiny Jump
    • Flashy Jump
    • Iron Jump
    • Worn-Out Jump
    • Unknown triple Boots
    • Hopslipper
    • Unnamed Red Boot
  • Hammer
    • Shiny Hammer
    • Eekhammer
    • Slaphammer
    • Shiny Slaphammer
    • Hurlhammer
    • Burnhammer
    • Megaflash Hammer (Japanese: メガキラハンマー, Mega Kira Hammer)
    • Worn-Out Hammer
    • Baahammer
  • Items
    • Mushroom
    • Poison Mushroom
    • Fire Flower
    • Ice Flower
    • Shiny Fire Flower
    • Shiny Ice Flower
    • POW Block
    • Mystery Box
    • Frog Suit (Japanese: カエルシール, Frog Seal) -- Lets you jump to dodge attacks.
    • Spike Helmet, Japanese name トゲぼうし, which means "spiny hat".
    • Koopa Shell
    • Red Shell
    • Super Leaf
    • Unknown Door
    • Shiny Goomba
    • Goomba's Shoe
    • Orange flip-flop with Bowser's emblem
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