Stump Glade is the tenth level of World 3 in Paper Mario Sticker Star. This level is quite different from the others acting as a game and quiz show. The game that takes place here is known as Snifit or Whiffit hosted by Snifit. Snifit reveals that the wiggler segment that ran here is being held prisoner and will only be released if Mario wins Snifit or Whiffit. There are a series of challenges that follow when starting the game.

The First Challenge is a true or false question quiz. The objective is to answer three true or false questions correctly. You are engulfed in poison gas for this challenge so you have to be quick.

The Second Challenge is a whack-a-mole style challenge needing you to hit twenty snifits with your hammer before dying from poison gas.

The Third or Final Challenge is two hit the correct block out of three after they are shuffled. You have to do this three times, and the third time there are four blocks to choose from. After completing this challenge you are rewarded the wiggler segment.

After all three challenges, you are transported to a backstage room, where you have the option to either leave or do the special stage for a new prize.

The Special Stage is a more difficult challenge where you have to answer a true or false question correctly after whacking five snifit interns. Completing this challenge gets you the Radiator item. You can then exit to the backstage room and exit the level.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: None

Things: Radiator

Secret Door: In the backstage room and contains the Square Can

Secrets Edit

Wiggler's Diary: If you complete the Snifit or Whiffit competition a second time with the Wiggler segment as an audience member, you can unlock one of Wiggler's diary entries.

HP-UP Heart can be found by returning to the backstage room a second time.

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