A Stylish Move is a move in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They can be achieved by pressing "A" on the controller at a certain time.

The purpose of Stylish Moves is to raise the Star Power meter. Stylish Moves are a great way to get it up to max after unleashing multiple Star Power-consuming attacks.

How to find themEdit

Most people discover how to find Stylish Moves just by pressing "A" during attacks. There are many combinations, characters, and figures that can effect the Stylish Moves.

Mario's Stylish MovesEdit

Jump: Tap A at the peak of each arch after stomping on your foe. If you perform second jump, you can perform a second stylish move by tapping A on the way down. Ultimately tapping A three times at the right time will earn you two attacks and two stylish moves.

Hammer: Tap A just has the hammer hits your foe, and again when Mario touches the ground.

Goombella's Stylish MovesEdit

Headbonk: Tap A just before Goombella Jumps

Super Paper MarioEdit

Stylish Moves return, but this time they are only used to get extra points to level up faster. After jumping on an enemy, the player should shake the wii remote in mid-air to perform a Stylish move. During a Stylish move, the hero will strike a pose and have leave behind a flashy trail as they fall while an audience similar to the one from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheers them on. Stylish moves can also be chained with different messages and more points each time.

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