The Super Blooper is the toughest Blooper in Paper Mario. It's also the biggest blooper in the game. Like the original and Electro Blooper, it attacks by squirting ink and dropping down on Mario. Super Blooper can also"create" two Blooper Babies, which suck Mario's HP. What makes Super Blooper so powerful is that it can turn red and increase its attack power to 20.

Location Edit

The Super Blooper can be found in the underground of toad town. He appears when attemping to go on water in the underground. Saying "BLOOOOP!" or "BLOOOOPER!"

Tips. Edit

When battling the Super Blooper players can use the same method for approaching it as the previous two Bloopers before it. Depending on when the player approaches three locations (the east side of the entrance room, the west side where the shortcut pipes are found or down below using Sushie to swim to a platform) nothing changes. Lady Bow and Parakarry are highly effective for this fight. Bow's Outta Sight can protect Mario from it's super charge move and Parakarry is good for dealing damage and using Air Raid for getting rid of the babies. Players can choose to switch between the two or stick with either one they choose the whole battle. Watt isn't a bad choice, due to Mega Shock, but due to Mega Shock's poor accuracy it'd be too risky for players to waste a move and take a lot of damage in the process. Bow's Fan Smack is highly recommended. When using Bow, Mario can choose to use Star Storm, Chill Out or have Zap Tap equipped. With these battling this Blooper is an ease. Sushie can be used as well. --- great spelling!--- Simmeh

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