Super Dimentio is the final boss of Super Paper Mario. He is fought in Count Bleck's castle after Count Bleck has been defeated. He is a combination of the power of Mr. L and Dimentio. His physical appearance is a robotic figure with the head of Luigi, Dimentio's collar, and Luigi's shoes. When he is first fought, he is invincible, so your attacks have no effect. But, meanwhile, in Dimension D, the Pure Hearts returned, as Tippi says they are the very emotions of our souls. And, as long as love is present, they live! Tippi brings them to Mario, and with that Super Dimentio is no longer invincible, but becomes vulnerable. When he is defeated, he leaves behind a shadow of his power to continue controlling the Chaos Heart, but when Count Bleck teleports Mario, Luigi, Peach Bowser, Tippi, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia to the chapel where Peach and Bowser were forced to marry, something amazing occurs. Tippi and Bleck (Timpani and Blumiere) renew their old vows and find true love in one another and the pure hearts come back and form the Purity Heart, overshadowing the Chaos Heart's reign. The void closes, and the prophecy of destruction is ended. Tippi and Bleck are no where to be found, and Dimentio is gone too. Everyone had been saved from Super Dimentio and the void because of this.

Overview (Unfinished Revised Version) Edit

Super Dimentio is the final boss of Super Paper Mario and is arguably the most difficult boss. The Chaos Heart, Mr. L, and Dimentio make up this boss.

Super Dimentio

* Super Dimentio, just summoned from the Void.

Using a Floro Sprout pre-planted into Luigi's conscience by Dimento, Mr. L returns from Luigi. Dimento then summons a void, throwing Luigi and the Chaos Heart into it. After a while, Super Dimento appears. He begins the battle with a shield (provided by the Chaos Heart) and the platforms used in the Count Bleck fight move side to side. After a few attempts, Dimento mocks the heroes being unable to even deal a single point of damage against him.

After that, there is a short cutscene where Tippi, Count Bleck, and Nastasia are trapped in Zone D. Tippi and Count Bleck at first seem a little shy towards each other, but with the help of Mimi and O'Chunks (who teleported in by Mimi), they confess their love for each other again. This causes the Pure Hearts to appear before them. Tippi says that she will take them back to Mario and Co.

Back with Super Dimento, he continues to mock the players, until he summons his power to expel "L-power." Another cutscene is triggered, where the Void consumes Flopside, Yold Town, and The Land of Crag. Despite this, Tippi manages to return from Zone D (albeit a little too late). After that, the Pure Hearts surround Super Dimento. Confused, he states that he thought that they were used during the fight against Count Bleck. The hearts shatter the shield, allowing the player to damage Dimento.

After the player beats Super Dimento, they state that they have one last trick. They explode, ejecting Luigi. Bleck, Nastasia, O'Chunks, and Mimi are teleported back. As they come to, everyone realizes the Void is still active. Bleck states that Dimento left a shadow of power to control the Chaos Heart. He then summons a large door, instructing everyone to go in. As they enter, Luigi says the place looks familiar. The room turns out to be the marrige hall where the Chaos Heart was created. Bleck asks if Tippi still loves him to which Tippi (obviously) says yes. They fly up the stairs as if marrying. As the ceremony goes on, the Chaos Heart in the podium is surrounded by the Pure Hearts, which colalpse upon the Chaos Heart to form the Purity Heart (which is never seen due to flashing lights). As the flashing continues, bells begin to ring. The intense flashing continues until the screen darkens, thus preventing the Void from consuming further dimesions, and restoring peace amongst the world.

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