The Superbombbomb is an item used in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorBeldam created the Superbombbomb, and planned to use it against Mario in Twilight Town. But Beldam lost the Superbombomb, and blamed it on Vivian. Beldam and Marilyn go away, leaving Vivian to find it. When Mario arrives (identity stolen by Doopliss), Vivian tells him what happened. So, Mario helps look for it in the bushes. Once the two find it, Vivian looks at it and discovers it broke (assumably when Beldam dropped it). So, Vivian doesn't bother to keep it, and joins Mario.

At the end of Chapter Five with Mario and Peach's sidequest, the player plays as Bowser. Bowser appears in Twilight Town, and he sees Lord Crump looking through the bushes where the Superbombomb was found. Once Bowser finds the Superbombomb, Lord Crump takes it and Bowser tries to make Lord Crump tell him what he can about the Crystal Star. Lord Crump summons his army of X-Nauts, but Bowser then summons his army of koopas,magikoopasHammer Bros. and Koopatrols. Lord Crump throws the Superbombomb at Bowser, but it bounces off him. Bowser uses his Fire Breath on it, activating the Superbombomb. The bomb explodes, defeating both X-Naut and Koopa Troop armies.

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