"You'll be roasted to a golden brown! I do NOT approve of this!"
— Sushie

Sushie is the only of the Cheep-Cheep species found in Paper Mario and is the seventh member to join Mario's party. She often worries about safety, which is shown when she is watching over the Yoshi kids and warning Mario about going to Mt. Lavalava in Lavalava Island.


When Mario and his partners (including Kolorado) adventures to Lavalava Island, Sushie can be seen yelling at the very top of the map of Yoshi Village. After Mario and Co. ventures from Mt.Lavalava (before, knowing that there is no way of entering it), they notice that the Yoshi villagers are panicking with the loss of the 5 Yoshi children. Sushie, who apparently was their babysitter, went looking for them. The Yoshi children, who were playing Hide-and-Seek together, pulled a prank on Sushie, leaving her to be on top of a tree and ran off. After Mario discovers and helps the Cheep-Cheep down, she joins his group by knowing that both of them have the same goals.


Sushie can allow Mario to hop on her back to help him cross through water. Only accessible at ports (which are wooden planks found in front of a body of water.) Her Tidal Wave move is notably stronger than other attacks in the game, and can kill swarms of enemies in one hit.


  • While Sushie not being present in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario still is able to perform her ability to cross through water by a curse he receives from a Black Treasure Chest (Known as cursed chest). Though he's unable go underwater like he could with Sushie.
  • Sushie is notably the only partner in Paper Mario to join, who's never heard of Mario nor having any knowledge of him.
  • There is a glitch in several versions of Paper Mario that causes the game to crash when Tidal Wave is used on Huff N. Puff.

Attacks Edit

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Belly Flop None Launches herself at an enemy. Hold the control stick left until the red star lights up. Initial
Squirt 3 Shoots a powerful water at an enemy. Hold A to fill the gauge almost all the way. Overflows if done so. Initial
Water Block 3 Creates a block of water that increases Mario's DEF by 1. Press A as the red stars light up. Super Rank
Tidal Wave 6 Launches water at all enemies. Press A, B and C-Down as shown on the screen. Ultra Rank

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