TEC is the X-Nauts' main computer. Princess Peach talks to him throughout Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. TEC is supposed to be the best computer in history, although a bug in his AI system results in him falling in love with Princess Peach. During the game's intermissions, TEC has Peach carry out all sorts of crazy missions, such as dancing with a hologram of herself, taking a quiz containing vital information, and even running through the fortress completely naked, with only an invisibility effect preserving her decency.  Late in the game, the X-Nauts discover TEC's motives of helping Peach, and shut him down. Before he is completely destroyed, Mario stumbles across him. TEC's final action is opening the teleporter room, allowing Mario to escape the base. After the game is completed, Mario can return to the base and find that TEC is up and running once again.

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