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Form 1

The Master
is the owner of the Toad Town Dojo. At the beginning of the game, he cannot be visited as he is training abroad. When he does return, he can be found inside the Dojo, along with Chan and Lee. He begins training sessions with Mario when requested: First, Mario will battle Chan. If he is victorious, he will recieve the First-Degree Card. Next he will fight Lee. When he defeats him, he recieves the Second-Degree Card. Upon defeating both, The Master himself will challenge Mario. He has 3 different forms, each with different amounts of HP and Attack. In his first form, he looks the same as he does outside of battle. He has 50 HP and 6 Attack. When Mario has defeated him, he will give Mario the Third-Degree Card and challenge him again. In his second form, The Master transforms into a yellow-clad, nimbler version of himself. This form has 75 HP and from 8 - 11 Attack, depending on which of his two moves he uses.
Master 2

Form 2

If Mario manages to defeat The Master's second form, he will grant him the Fourth-Degree Card and challenge him one final time. He will begin to glow, letting off a yellow aura (while still keeping the appearance of his second form). In this fight, The Master has 99 HP and from 10 - 18 Attack, once again depending on which of his three techniques he utilizes. If he is defeated in this state, he will award Mario the Diploma for defeating him. He will then tell him that he should continue his training on his own, out in the world. Mario cannot fight anyone from the Dojo again after The Master's third form has been defeated.


  • The Master is the most difficult enemy in the game; even Bowser is not as strong.
  • Recieving differently-leveled accolades from The Master will gain Mario recognition from different characters in the game.

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