The Oasis' is a location in space F7 of Dry Dry Desert. The Oasis is a very tropical and relaxing place, contrast to the harsh dry desert. In this Oasis lies one of the sixteen power-up blocks that makes a partner become super-rank or ultra-rank. The Oasis also is the only known source of lemons and limes, growing on two trees that Mario can whack with his hammer. A lemon must be given to Moustafa in order to get the Pulse Stone, an important item needed to reach Dry Dry Ruins. Lemons and Limes are also used by Tayce T. to make recipes.

Goombario's Area Tattle Edit

Oh...thank heavens! At last, we've found an oasis! It's not a mirage, is it? The trees are so green! The water, so blue! Hurray! 

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