History Edit

Paper Mario TTYD Edit

Two Thwomps appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, both of which ask several questions in a game-show manner in order to test Mario. If Mario guesses five questions correctly before getting three incorrect, the entrance to the inner sanctum of the Shhwonk Fortress (with the first Thwomp) and the Elevator Key (with the second Thwomp) are revealed to Mario. If the player fails the quiz, they summon enemies to attack the player. One Thwomp is found over the entrance of Shhwonk Fortress, while the other, more robotic-looking Thwomp is inside the X-Naut Fortress. The quizmasters have identical personalities to the Guard Door from Paper Mario.

Super Paper Mario Edit

In Super Paper Mario, only five Thwomps appear in the entire game. They are all found in Chapter 1-2, located in an underground area below Yold Town. They only attack by quickly and continuously slamming the ground and rising back up to the ceiling, like in their previous appearances except with a star. Thwomps cannot be defeated, and the only way to avoid them is for Mario to flip to 3-D and walk past them. Using Pixl attacks only momentarily stops them; grabbing one as Thoreau makes it sweat as well, and Fleep makes them spin in place for a while; they return to their periodic attacking afterward. Like with the previous game, they have a similar appearance to their appearance from Super Mario Bros. 3, having a prominent spike on top surrounded by several other spikes. In this game, Thwomps are shown to have faces on both sides of their bodies.

This game also includes Spiny Tromps from the first game. They appear on Mount Lineland and Underwhere Road and, like their species of origin, cannot be defeated, only avoided.

Paper Mario: Color Splash Edit

Four Thwomps appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Like many enemies, Thwomps use their designs from the main series rather than their design from the first three Paper Mario games.

The first one is found in the battle against Iggy Koopa at The Golden Coliseum, where if the Bone Thing card is used too early, Iggy summons a Big Thwomp which deals Mario a 999HP damage.[3] The second one crushes the Sunset Express outside of the Kiwano Temple. The third one appears in the railway tracks of Sunset Express, and it needs to be awakened with the Megaphone Thing card so the train can continue its way to Starlight Cape. Finally, the last one appears in the background of Starlight Cape.