Toodles is a wealthy, female Toad who lives in the ritzy neighborhood of Poshley Heights, a location visited in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She likes to flaunt her wealth by wearing luxurious fur dresses and expensive jewelry. It is unknown how Toodles amassed her vast fortune; however, the game indicates that she is a gold digger, using her physical attractiveness to leech off the wealth of men. In fact, when Mario first met Toodles, she was standing in the lobby of the Glitz Pit, looking for the champion so that she could flirt with him when he arrived. She even ignored the (apparently) attractive Mario as she waited, stating that she "only dates the champ." However, once Mario claimed the title for himself, Toodles flirtatiously shifted her sights onto the new champion.

Later, during Chapter 6 of Mario's adventure, Mario runs into Toodles a second time on the Excess Express. After her stay in Glitzville, Toodles decided to return to her home in Poshley Heights via the luxury locomotive. During the three-day trip back home, Toodles lost her gold ring, which was later found and returned by Mario. Unfortunately, she, along with the other passengers, was absorbed into the Smorg monster that attacked the train. Eventually, Mario and his allies defeated the Smorg and saved the wealthy Toad, along with the other passengers, allowing her to arrive safely in her home town, Poshley Heights.

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