Tower Power Pokey is an enemy encountered in Paper Mario:Sticker Star and serves as the boss of World 2. 

Tower Power Pokey was originally a normal Pokey until Kamek placed a Royal Sticker on its head, transforming it into a powerful monster.

Battle StyleEdit

In battle, Tower Power Pokey has a variety of attacks. It can use a spinning attack near the player that causes 2 damage for every revolution, with a total of five revolutions per attack. Tower Power Pokey may reveal some of its body segments from the sand, giving it substantial height. When Tower Power Pokey has one or more body segments revealed, it will attempt to topple onto the player for 7 damage. This attack can also give the player the Crumpled status effect. However, if it only has one body segment, the attack will miss. Using any Hammer sticker on Tower Power Pokey while its segments are revealed will cause Mario to take damage from the spikes. Sometimes, Tower Power Pokey may summon two green Pokeys in battle.

Once all the segments of Tower Power Pokey have been destroyed, it will resort to using its spinning attack. Occasionally, the boss can take off its crown to reveal its pink flower underneath. The Pokey will regain 10 Heart Points every time it uses this attack.


Tower Power Pokey looks like a normal Pokey in appearance and color, but due to the power of the Royal Sticker, it gains a noticeable sheen. Unlike the other Pokeys in the game, instead of having spikes on its head, the Tower Power Pokey dons an orange crown that covers a pink flower.