This is the area the Wiggler Segment runs to after being rescued from Rustle Burrow. This level consists mostly on various trees and tree branches (hence the name). The segment can be seen trapped to another web in the first area of this level. This level again has scuttlebugs as well as ninji to fight.

Going through the starting area, you have to navigate a thin trail avoiding scuttlebugs. Going into the next area leads to an area with cobwebs above small poisonous ponds. If you jump on these too many times, they will break. Going to the right will lead you to the Poison hot spring where snifits can be found relaxing. You can head up the tree branch here bringing you upwards. Be wary of scuttlebugs as they may try to drop on to you. From here you can head left along the branch trail leading to a giant cobweb. If you jump on the cobweb enough times and break it you can jump down onto the hill from here leading to the wiggler segment. Heading even further left from the wiggler segment will get you another tree stump scrap for Wiggler's treehouse.

Alternatively, when you jump down from the giant cobweb, if you head in-behind the bushes on the hill you can reach a hidden back path. Follow it up and then to the left and you will eventually reach the comet piece to exit the level.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Worn-out Jump, Jump, Line Jump, Shiny Line Jump, Iron Jump, Worn-out Hammer, Hammer, Slaphammer, Hurlhammer, Fireflower

Things: None

Secret Door: Right beside the level entrance. Contains the Tape.

Secrets Edit

In the first area, after clearing the poison, you can find the watch battery in a dried bed of poison.

In the second area past the level entrance, if you head in-behind the tree in the left part of this room and enter a hole in the tree you can find an HP-Up Heart.

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