“Uh... Five more minutes, mom.”Tubba Blubba, Paper Mario

Tubba Blubba is a giant blue Clubba who resides in a Gusty Gulch castle. His nickname is "The Invincible Tubba Blubba" because he cannot take damage when first fought. He also has a flavor for eating Boos and is the main reason why Bow teams up with Mario. Later in the story it is discovered that Tubba Blubba has a weak point and a secret item that he keeps near his bed. After Mario finds the item, it leads to a windmill that leads to Tubba Blubba's Heart, who accidentally reveals that he is the reason why Tubba Blubba is so strong in the first place. Before Mario can defeat the heart, he runs out of the windmill and reunites with Tubba Blubba. Since his heart is severely damaged, Tubba Blubba is extremely weak and is defeated in a few turns. Tubba Blubba admits that he's just a sensitive guy and runs away into the forest. He also regurgitates all the Boos he ate (including Stanley, a Boo that was eaten in front of all the Boos when they were invisible) and the Boos are happier once again.

In Super Paper Mario, it appears that Tubba Blubba has a career in television. He is mentioned as being the star of an anime based on him known as The Blubbening; it has run for at least three seasons. The Blubbening involves a princess and robots, and also happens to be a favorite show of Francis.

Tubba Blubba Heart

This is Tubba Blubba's secret, his heart


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