Tubba Blubba's heart was the source of Tubba Blubba's invincibility. (And also why he ate all of the boos) It was located in the Windmill controlling him. Bowser separated it from Tubba Blubba. Mario defeated it, forcing it to rejoin Tubba Blubba. This caused him not to be invincible.


Bow should always be used in this fight, because of the powerful "Heart Swarm" attack were Tubba's Heart charges up for a turn and then unleashes a deadly 12 damaging attack. Whenever he charges up this attack, use Bow's Outta Sight immediately to avoid any damage. Bow is also good for dealing damage as well becuase the Heart has no defense points, meaning that Bow can slap it for 4 (or 5 if she's upgraded) damage each round. Use Mario's Power Bounce/Jump for more additional damage and it shouldn't be a hard fight. 

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