Ultrahammer 2

The Ultra Hammer is a Hammer that has been upgraded from the Super Hammer, and it is the last hammer upgrade you'll receive. Obviously, it is the best hammer in the series..

Paper MarioEdit

How to obtainEdit

Found at Mt. Lavalava. 

Ability in field Edit

It can break all blocks, including Metal BlocksStone Blocks, and Yellow Blocks.

Ability in battleEdit

It does 6 damage to an enemy when action command is done correctly.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

How to obtainEdit

It is in a chest located in Rogueport, and, although it is visible from the start of the game, it is impossible to obtain without the use of the Ultra BootsSpring Jump, which is obtained during Chapter 6.

Ability in fieldEdit

The hammer is able to destroy stone blocks. The Super Hammer's ability didn't change, so functionality essantialy stays the same.

Ability in battleEdit

Not only do you do more damage, but the Ultra Hammer attack is now available to the player. does the same thing as the super hammer but does more damage the action command is just the gauge is longer, but goes to the star circle faster.


  • The ultra hammer resembles the Golden Hammer from Super Smash Bros Brawl

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