The Underchomp
is a red, yellow, and blue three-headed Chain Chomp, that acts as a guard-dog of The Underwhere in Super Paper Mario. It is located in Underwhere Road. Beating the Underchomp is Dorguy the Third's test.

Mario, Luigi and Bowser face against this beast in a far different way from other enemies in the game; they fight the creature in a turn-based battle, though not in the same fashion as other Paper Mario games. The fashion of this battle is comparable to classic Dragon Quest, Earthbound or Final Fantasy battles, as there are many options to choose from.

Each head has a special ability. The Red Underchomp can breathe crimson fire, the Blue Underchomp can breath very hot blue fire, and the Yellow Underchomp has stinky breath. Underchomp can also charge up for one turn and attack stronger later.

Each character that is playable can use their abilities: Mario can flip into 3D to avoid attacks; Luigi can use super jump as a more powerful jump; and Bowser can use fire breath to heat the monster up, wasting a turn.

Red UnderchompEdit

He's the oldest of the Underchomps. He often acts real serious to his brothers.

Blue UnderchompEdit

He's the middle child of the Underchomp. He breathes blue fire and gives you an "Ouch!" result.

Yellow UnderchompEdit

He's the youngest of the Underchomp. He's the putrid one of the family.


  • Chomps are based off dogs, which would mean the Underchomp's name is likely a pun on "Underdog".
  • The Battle System Of The Underchomp Is Based Of The Mother Battle System.
.The underchomp guards the underwhere and has 3 heads
the same as the mythical 3 headed dog cerberus.


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