159 The Underhand

An Underhand's "hand"

The Underhands are strange white hands with linked segments that follow you. They are found in the Underwhere and wish to drag the spirits of the Underwhere (the Shaydes) deeper into the darkness. It is almost impossible to kill them. You can evade them by Flipping into 3-D mode. They will still follow you flipped however and they may be right on top of you when you flip back to 2-D. Most Underhands are attached to a wall and will only move as far as they can stretch. They can move through platforms. The Underhands can be found in the River Twygz and on the Underwhere Road. They seem to dislike light, for when you light the torches, they dissapear, although they reappear when the torch burns out. The Underhands in the underground part of the River Twygz will also disappear if you drain the water but likewise reappear if the water level rises again. Some of the Underhands in the River Twygz can float and wil slowly move towards you.