Hey, guys, it's Nebula. I wanted to make a blog post to encourage all of you to start using the forums. I don't know if the feeling is the same with you guys, but I believe that we haven't really established a sense of community yet, and that is an important thing to have on a wiki. With the forums, we could get to know each other better and forge friendships. Trust me, a wiki is a lot more fun to be a part of when you have friends doing so as well.

To make the idea of the forums more appealing, I've decorated them a bit, and I'm planning on another update soon.

In addition, I would suggest that when you log onto Paper Mario Wiki, you click on the Chat button - even if there is nobody there. This way, if someone else logs in, they will see that you are online as well, and you guys can talk, get to know each other, etc. It's a lot like the forums, just much faster-paced.

Thanks for reading. I hope that these ideas are appealing to you.


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