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When Mario falls through the wormhole, he falls on a soft surface.

“Ah, what do we have here?”  A woman asks Mario.

Mario explains that he fell through a wormhole and ended up here.

“So that’s what that gravitational pull was… interesting.  Hello.  I’m Minga.  Welcome to Minga’s Inn!”

“Oh!”  Mario exclaims.  He tells Minga that he knows Inga and Tinga.

“Those are my sisters.  I am the second youngest of all of them.  Tinga is the oldest.  And Inga is the youngest.”

After a small chit chat, Mario asks if a man and a woman have been through here lately.

“Actually, yes!  A… man named Blumiere and a woman named Lady Timpani… I think.”

“Oh!!”  Mario says as joy rushes through him.  He found them!  He asks Minga where they went.

“I got no idea, Mario.  They did take a sleeping bag with them, so check out on the outskirts of town.  That’s the grassy area a few miles to the east.”

Mario thanks her and leaves for the trip.

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