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At Bowser’s Castle, O’Chunks and Nastasia hang around until the Shroom Shakes are ready.

“Dig in, friends!  BWAHAHA!”  Bowser says to Nastasia and O’Chunks.  Nastasia eats one Shroom Shake, and feels full.  O’Chunks eats four Shroom Shakes, and then feels full.  Bowser eats three Shakes, and then feels full.  After they eat, Bowser initiates the plan.

“These green devices are your trackers.  They will tell me and the rest of the heroes where you are in the universe,” Bowser explains.  He hands one of them to Nastasia and O’Chunks.

“Yeah, so, um, you’ll basically be able to stock me, right?”  Nastasia says.

“Eh?”  O’Chunks exclaims.  “Now, why’d anyone wanna stock a beau’tful woman like ya?”  Nastasia starts to blush.  “I… I mean…” O’Chunks begins.  “Why’d anyone wanna stock a person?”

“It’s to notify the rest of the heroes if you find Lady Timpani or Lord Blumiere, lovebirds,” Bowser says.

“Ah, that makes m’sense.”

“Good.  Now where is everybody going?  I’m gonna stay in my realm, around my Castle.”

“Um, I can stick around O’Chunks until I find a place to search,” Nastasia offers.

“Oh, um, ya!  That’d be… um… okay I s’pose!”  O’Chunks manages to say.

“Whatever.  Just be ready to receive a message from the other heroes if they find somethin’,” Bowser says.

Over in Peach’s Castle, those heroes begin to assemble.

“These pink devices will signal you if another hero finds Lady Timpani or Lord Blumiere,” Peach begins to say. “Each of you will get one.”  She then hands one pink device to Mimi, Mario, and Luigi.

“So,” Mimi says.  “Where should we look?”

“Good question,” says Peach.  “I’m going to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom just in case they find their way here.  Mario, you could go back to Flipside Tower and go through those doors again to see if they are wandering through those places.”

“Yeah!”  Mario nods.  Then he leaves.

“Hey, Princess!” Luigi says.  “I’m gonna join Mario on this; it’ll make the search go faster through those doors.”

“Great.  Good idea.  Mimi, you can go anywhere you want, really.  Your device will also tell you how far you are away from my Castle.  If you feel lost, please come back.”

“Okay.”  And Mimi starts to walk away from Peach’s Castle.

“Merlon?” Peach says through her pink device.

“Princess!  Have the heroes dispersed yet?”

“They just did.  Has Bowser dispersed his heroes yet?”

“He just notified me about it.  Where will your heroes go?”

“Mario and Luigi are going to return to Flipside and look in the Dimensional Doors at Flipside Tower.  You can meet them there if you want.  Mimi will just look anywhere.”

“Excellent.  Thank you, Princess.”

“You’re welcome.  May we talk again!” And their conversation ends.

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