Vinny is one of Don Pianta's bodyguards, and is always seen with his brother, Tony. They are usually seen in Don Pianta's office. He is a Pianta. Although loyal to Don Pianta, he does not always agree with his decisions. During the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the mobster Frankie and the boss's daughter Francesca elope, causing the Don to wish vengeance against the happy couple. However, Vinny wishes for Don to be happy for Frankie and Francesca's marriage. In the end, Don Pianta reconciles with his daughter and number one thug, and gives them command of the Pianta Syndicate. In the beginning of the game, while talking to Toadsworth, you can see Vinny and Tony beating up Gus and Garth in the background

Frankie head‎ Pianta Syndicate Members Frankie head reverse
Leaders: Frankie · Francesca
Former Leader: Don Pianta
Underlings: Vinny · Tony · Rocko
Employees: Lahla · Peeka

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