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202 Watchitt


“WATCH IT! I said Watchitt, not Botch It!”Watchitt, Super Paper Mario

Watchitt (commonly called "Old Man Watchitt") is the mayor of Yold Town. He's a minor character that doesn't let Mario progress until he finds the Pixl named Thoreau in town. In the Piccolo sidequest, he'll give the player the "You-Know-What" in exchange for an autograph from Merlumina in Chapter 1-4, Yold Ruins. It is also suggested that Watchitt's grandson Bozzo maybe mayor someday.

He has a habit of yelling "WATCH IT!" often. He is the cousin of Bestovius. According to Tippi, Watchitt also tends to talk to his beard and cane, and stays current with the latest gadgets.

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