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A Whacka Bump is an item found in Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Super Paper Mario.

It is obtained in the first two games by hitting a Whacka. It recovers 25 HP & 25 FP. Only eight of these can be gotten before the Whacka disappears.

In Super Paper Mario, the Whacka Bump can be purchased at the arcade for 300 Flipside Tokens. A Whacka can be found on Chapter 5-1 at the far right wall. Mario must use Dottie to shrink and then flip to 3D. The Whacka is found in the hole. If a Whacka Bump is cooked, it creates a Roast Whacka Bump.

You can also get it from Flimm when he has it in supply.

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