Whammino Mountain is the fifth level of World 1 and is very mountainous overall. This level has the first appearance of spinies and lakitus. Upon first going through this level, the whole level is not accessible. There is a missing gate that needs to be obtained as a scrap but cannot yet. There is an underground part to this level through two pipes, but it can not be traveled through until you reach the pipe at the far end of the level. For one part of this level, you have to traverse a narrow path covered by spinies being thrown by a Lakitu.

The way to make progress in this level is to travel to first travel to the far right of the level. Once you reach the farthest point, you can hit a tree to knock it over. This causes a massive chain reaction of things getting knocked over leading to the missing gate scrap becoming accessible and a trapped Toad becoming visible. If you free the Toad taped on a cloud, he opens the Whammino Mountain Sticker Shop.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Worn-out Hammer, POW Block, Hammer, Shell, Shiny Hurlhammer, Hurlhammer, Iron Jump, Shiny Leaf.

Things: None

Secret Door: Found in the cave from entering either pipe in the level. Contains the Bellows.

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