Wiggler is a character that appears in World 3 of Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Wiggler is a major character in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. During World 3-1, Leaflitter Path, he is found sleeping and blocking the entrance to the woods. Upon being woken up by Mario via the Trumpet found in Goomba's Fortress, he invites Mario to his Tree House. Once inside the Tree House, Wiggler explains how he can no longer find food in the woods because of the pollution, which has a seemingly unknown source. Once Mario meets up with Wiggler at the top of his Tree House, Kamek ambushes Wiggler, and splits him into 5 segments. All but Wiggler's head flee the scene. He then asks Mario for help putting himself back together. Once he does, Wiggler will tell Mario that he has 3 Comet Pieces that he can give to Mario as rewards. Mario must catch all of the Wiggler Segments, whether it be through puzzles, battles, or events. Once all of the segments have been found, Mario returns to Wiggler and reassembles him. Wiggler will then assist Mario by taking him to the source of the pollution. During Chapter 6, it is revealed that Wiggler has grown up and has become a Flutter. He then assists Mario with reaching Bowser's Sky Castle & Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla.


  • Wiggler always refers to himself in the third person point of view.
  • Wiggler has a notebook where he keeps his memories with Mario. Certain scenes such as him in the Hot Spring will be recorded and drawn out by Wiggler.
  • A Wiggler model can be found within the files of Super Paper Mario, suggesting that a Wiggler was originally supposed to appear as a character or enemy in the game, but was scrapped.
  • Wiggler was originally seen in pre-release footage of Paper Mario: Sticker Star going through a tree trunk blocking Mario's path, (With many more segments than he has in the final) acting more as an enemy than a friend. It is possible that Wiggler had less of an important role during development than he did in the final.