This is the third level of World 3 and the home of Wiggler. There are no enemies or stickers that can be found here. There are also multiple exits to this level that can be accessed as you progress in the level and find more and more wiggler segments. This level is fairly short only consisting of the outside of the tree house and the inside rooms of the tree house. Wiggler's Diary can be found in this level too and any found entries can be read here.

The first exit that is unlocked upon first visiting the level leads to Strike Lake. The second exit leads out to Rustle Burrow and the final exit leads to Gauntlet Pond.

After defeating the boss of World 3, Wiggler can be found here until he is later needed to access World 6-2.

Things and Stickers Found Edit

Stickers: None

Things: High Heel, Boombox

Secret Door: HP-Up Heart

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