Wracktail is a completely optional boss from Super Paper Mario. This self-proclaimed "God of wrath" is fought on the hundredth, and last, floor of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. Wracktail was apparently created by the Tribe of Ancients to test the skills of the heroes who possessed the Pure Hearts, but was eventually locked away in the Pit. He seeks revenge on the Tribe for trapping him in the pit although it is not clear why they did so in the first place. Once the player defeats Wracktail, they obtain the optional Pixl Dashell and leave, thus giving access to the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.

Wracktail seems to reference Bonetail from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Old Door.


Wracktail is said by Tippi and Tiptron to be an improved proto-type of Fracktail. He behaves very similarly to Fracktail, using the same attack strategies and moving styles. The player also uses the exact same technique when fighting Fracktail with fighting Wracktail. Wracktail creates Wrackles to aid in battle, similar to those of Frackles involved in the fight against Fracktail. Wracktail possesses an unknown amount of HP and his attack is 10.

Similarites and Differences Edit

Both Wracktail and Fracktail have similar names, appearance, attack and movement pattern, and even share the same battle song. The main difference between the two is that Wracktail has 10 attack power while Fracktail only has 1. Wracktail takes  30 hits on his antennae to be defeated while Fracktail takes 9. While fighting Fracktail, the only Hero of Light you may use is Mario. When fighting Wracktail, however, it is probable that the player also has Bowser and Luigi. The main reason for this being is with Luigi, the player can Super Jump on Wracktail's antennae, causing a large amount of damage as opposed to the usual method used in battling Fracktail. Wrackles also can shoot lasers which cause 10 damage, while Frackles cannot shoot lasers at all.