The X-Yux is the toughest Yux there is, and was designed to be "unbeatable" and guard important areas. X-Yuxes are like Z-Yuxes, but with a different color and more power and defense. They spawn two Mini X-Yuxes at a time instead of one, just like all forms of Yuxes. Ironically, the X-Naut Phds only created one X-Yux, thinking it was that powerful, even though it's not. When it has 4 Mini-Yuxes, it uses a different attack to attack Mario and his partner. It deals 2 HP per hit.


This yux is not only the toughest, but it has an ability that can immobilize you and your partner. If Mario or Co. is immobilized, the best choise is to run away or you will get a Game Over after a number of rounds even you have hundreds of HP. Also, if three or more P-Down D-Ups were equipped, the battle will never end if Mario or Co. is immobilized.

Yux‎ Yux Yux
Types: Yux | X-Yux | Z-Yux Small: Mini-Yux| Mini X-Yux| Mini Z-Yux

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