Yuxes are organic creatures created by the X-Naut Phds. Their only attack is shooting a halo ring at Mario and his partners. Yuxes also spawn Mini-Yuxes, which encircle the Yux and create unbreakable shields around the main Yux. So, if even one Mini-Yux is around the Yux, the Yux is invincible and cannot be damaged. The X-Nauts brought them along when they captured the Great Tree, and they guard many of its passages prior to the X-Naut's routing at the hands of Mario. Some immature Yuxes can be found being created in a lab in the X-Naut Fortress.


Yuxes look like an X, and are green in color.


When the Yux has the maximmum number of mini yuxes around them, you have to get rid of them because if the yux attacks while in that state, they will unleash their strongest attack.


If a yux has the maximum amount of mini-yuxes protecting it, use Multi Bounce to get rid of them and then have your partner attack the Yux.


Although Yuxes don't appear, or are mentioned in Super Paper Mario there is a similar type of enemy known as Barribads. They have the same face, create fields and shoot rings.

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